Science of Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

Understanding Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the most complex parts of human physiology. You need some inflammation to survive, but too much will cause the body to attack itself. This section contains the information you need to know to about the molecular basis of inflammation.

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Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

Anti-inflammatory nutrition is really gene therapy. You can control the expression of inflammatory genes with the correct dietary nutrients. This section explains how.

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Treatment of Chronic Conditions

The end result of chronic low-level inflammation is chronic disease. This section details the various chronic diseases that can be managed by anti-inflammatory nutrition.

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Athletic Performance

Improving athletic performance at every level comes with better hormonal control induced by the diet. This section details the role of anti-inflammatory nutrition in reaching a higher level of hormonal control and improved performance.

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Aging can be best understood as a consequence of increased inflammation. This section describes how anti-inflammatory nutrition can activate the genes that slow the aging process as well as reducing the elevated inflammation that accelerates the aging process.

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Practical Nutrition

Although anti-inflammatory nutrition is powerful, if it isn’t easy to apply then it makes little practical sense. This section explains the ease of practicing anti-inflammatory nutrition for lifetime.

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Test, Don't Guess
About Inflammation
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