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Breakthroughs in molecular biology are rapidly changing how we will practice medicine in the future. We are only now beginning to understand how nutrition affects the expression of our genes, especially the genes that control inflammation. Read More

Dr. Sears’ Comments on Breaking Nutritional News

Could a cocktail a day keep the doctor away?

It’s usually not the alcohol itself (which is a toxin), but the polyphenols in the alcoholic drink that deliver the health benefits.  It’s just that it is easier to drink red wine than eat two pounds of vegetables.


Do You Need Fish Oil for a Healthy Heart?

Only 1-5% of the ALA gets converted to EPA and DHA.  That’s not a ringing endorsement for consuming gallons of flaxseed oil.

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Treating Chronic Disease with Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition:

Treatment of Chronic Disease
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Improvement of Diabetes
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Treatment of Obesity
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U.S. News study is flawed

Sometimes I just have to roll my eyes when I hear about nutritional experts rating diets. The reason is that… Read more »

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Test, don’t guess about Cellular Inflammation
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