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Breakthroughs in molecular biology are rapidly changing how we will practice medicine in the future. We are only now beginning to understand how nutrition affects the expression of our genes, especially the genes that control inflammation. Read More

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Boomer Health: Certain supplements could give you boost

I agree that therapeutic levels of omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols have significant benefits.  The jury is still out on Vitamin D because of the very weak results in intervention trials.  However, you still need a baseline anti-inflammatory diet to make those anti-inflammatory supplements work.


Does Snoring Leave Tots More Vulnerable To Childhood Obesity?

Any form of sleep disruption (at any age) will increase the likelihood of obesity because of its effects on increased cortisol and insulin levels.

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Treating Chronic Disease with Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition:

Treatment of Chronic Disease
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Improvement of Diabetes
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Treatment of Obesity
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Diets don’t work? Or does bad science generate bad data?

One of the problems with diets is their focus on weight loss, not improved health.  A recent study in Circulation… Read more »

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Test, don’t guess about Cellular Inflammation
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