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The Zone helping with menopause symptoms

Last Updated Aug 2007

Dear Dr. Sears,

My husband and I started The Zone July 13,2000. He is 62 and I am 47. We have each lost some 26 pounds and we feel wonderful! I have been off Wellbutrin since the end of July and no longer feel as if I need it. I haven't had to take an anti-histamine all this summer and fall. I had a difficult surgery and healed (according to my doctor about four weeks ahead of schedule) I am sleeping better than ever and I have taken ten years off my appearance. The amazing thing is how easy it has been. I did not originally start Zoning to lose weight, but instead because I wanted to improve the texture of my skin. I saw Dr. Nick Perricone on GMA and he is a huge advocate of The Zone. Yes, how shallow of me- I did it to get rid of lines. My husband started it to improve his athletic performance. He is unstoppable now! We are huge fans. You have changed our lives! One thing that you need to study is the apparent "reversal" of menopause and its symptoms. I experienced hot flashes again the first two months on the Zone. I hear that it's very common on women my age. Some of my (also post menopausal) friends actually started their menses again much to their gynecologist's surprise. It has not always lead to happy endings with the doctors because their immediate response is-- you guessed it-- drugs! The problem is that not enough doctors and medical professionals are really informed and aware of what the Zone can do. I am in a study at Pennington Biomedical Center here in Baton Rouge. I am in the control group and my bloodwork on The Zone has been more improved and in better (actually perfect) ranges than the subjects which are on their diet. The nutritionists there have pooh-poohed The Zone as being trendy (since when is a balanced meal trendy?), too complicated (well at first), not tested in a double blind study, not for everyone (why not?) even as they watched the pounds melt off, my HDL rise and my LDL lower, insulin levels, triglycerides-everything is in the Zone. I had a hysterectomy at 28 and went through menopause at 43. My estradiol levels were actually in the low part of the normal range- higher than they were in January of 1999 at my last big physical. Last year, my doctor had wanted me to start HRT! (The hot flashes only lasted about a month or so.) Still, they are disbelievers at Pennington. My family doctor is now a convert though. He can't believe how well I'm doing compared to six months ago. My husband and I will do this for the rest of our lives. We still eat out one night a week. We still drink red wine and beer-- but not like we used to. We are enjoying our appearance and our new healthy lives. BTW, my brother Paul, was a fan back in 1995. He always said that we should eat to live, not live to eat. Thank you. Thank you.

Mari Haget Presedo
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