Markers of the Zone

The concept of the Zone is based on clinical markers.  You can’t be considered well unless each of these clinical markers in their appropriate ranges.  Each of these markers is standardized and validated.

AA/EPA ratio

This is the best clinical marker for the potential balance of initiation and resolution in the blood.  It was first demonstrated in 1989 in the New England Journal of Medicine by Harvard Medical School researchers to be an excellent marker of inflammatory cytokines in the blood.  The ideal ratio is 1.5 to 3 as found in the Japanese population.  For comparison, the average American has an AA/EPA ratio of 18.

TG/HDL ratio

This is a marker of insulin resistance in the liver.  The ideal ratio should be less than 1 measured in mg/dL.

HbA1c level

This is marker of long-term oxidative stress.  The ideal range is between 4.9-5.1%.  This corresponds to an estimated blood sugar level of 90-95 mg/dl.  If the HbA1c level is greater than 6.5%, then the person is considered to have type 2 diabetes.