Peak Performance

Peak performance requires consistent hormonal control

Hormones generated by the diet are the key to peak physical performance. In fact, to be truly success as an athlete you have be more consistent in your diet than your training.

Muscle building is done during rest

Intense exercise causes muscle damage.  Your rest is when that damaged is repaired as well as creating new muscle tissue.  Without a consistent source of protein throughout the day using the Zone Diet to stabilize insulin levels, it is very difficult to rebuild damaged muscle at optimal rates.  In addition, intense training causes extensive exercise-induced inflammation.  The resolution of this inflammation allows you to repair damaged tissue more rapidly and recover at a faster rate using refined EPA and DHA as your primary dietary supplement.

Mental focus and improved reaction times start with the Zone Diet

Both mental focus and reaction times can be enhanced by using the Zone Diet supplemented with EPA and DHA to stabilize blood sugar levels while also improving the speed of nerve transmission from the brain to your muscle fibers.  It has worked for the 25 Olympic Gold Medal winners that Dr. Sears has worked with as well world champion teams in soccer, major league baseball, the NFL, and the NBA.