Food Blocks for the Zone Diet

Food Block Guide
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Most women should choose 3 selections of protein, carbohydrates and fats for each meal. Most men should choose 4 selections of protein, carbohydrates and fat for each meal. Then choose 1 of each for mid-afternoon and pre-bedtime snacks.

In this revised Food Block Guide, we have subtracted all dietary fiber from the total carbohydrate content of each carbohydrate block, which will increase the total weight or volume when compared to any other food listing or food database. This provides a more precise definition of the desired carbohydrate content of a meal or snack to keep you in the Zone. Also note that any protein content of listed carbohydrates has been eliminated from the Food Block Guide due to limited bio-availability.

(Each protein selection below contains 7 grams of protein.)
Meat and Poultry (low in saturated fat)
Beef (range fed or game)1 oz.
Chicken breast, skinless1 oz.
Chicken breast, deli-style1.5 oz.
Turkey breast, skinless1 oz.
Turkey breast, deli-style1.5 oz.
Turkey, ground1.5 oz.
Turkey bacon3 strips
Lean Canadian bacon1 oz.
Ground beef (Less than 10% fat)1.5 oz.
Fish and Seafood
Bass (freshwater)1 oz.
Bass (sea)1.5 oz.
Bluefish1.5 oz.
Calamari1.5 oz.
Catfish1.5 oz.
Cod1.5 oz.
Clams1.5 oz.
Crabmeat1.5 oz.
Haddock1.5 oz.
Halibut1.5 oz.
Lobster1.5 oz.
Mackerel*1.5 oz.
Salmon*1.5 oz.
Sardine*1 oz.
Scallops1.5 oz.
Snapper1.5 oz.
Swordfish1.5 oz.
Shrimp1.5 oz.
Trout1.5 oz.
Tuna (steak)1 oz.
Tuna, canned in water1 oz.
(*rich in EPA)
Egg whites2
Egg substitute1/4 c.
Protein-rich Dairy
Cottage cheese, low-fat1/4 cup
Lowfat cheese1 oz.
Protein powder7 gms
Soy burgers (check label)1/2 patty
Soy hotdogs1 link
Soy sausage links2 links
Soy sausages1 patty
Tofu, firm or extra firm,3 oz.
Mixed Protein/Carbohydrate
Milk, lowfat (1%)1 cup
Yogurt, plain1/2 cup
Tofu soft (check label)3 oz.
(Each fat selection below contains 1.5 grams of fat.)
Almond butter1/2 tsp.
Almonds (slivered)1 tsp.
Almonds (whole)3
Avocado1 tbls.
Macadamia nut1
Olive oil/vinegar dressing1 tsp.
Olive oil1/3 tsp.
Peanut oil1/3 tsp.
Peanut butter, natural1/2 tsp.
Tahini1/2 tbs.
Canola oil1/3 tsp.
Guacamole1 tbls.
Sesame oil1/3 tsp.
(Each carbohydrate selection below contains 9 grams of carbs.)
Cooked Vegetables
Artichoke4 large
Artichoke Hearts1 cup
Asparagus (12 spears)1 cup
Beans, green or wax1 1/2 cups
Beans, black1/4 cup
Bok choy3 cups
Broccoli3 cups
Brussels sprout1 1/2 cups
Cabbage3 cups
Cauliflower pieces4 cups
Chickpeas1/4 cup
Collard greens2 cups
Eggplant1 1/2 cups
Hummus1/4 cup
Kale2 cups
Kidney beans1/4 cup
Leeks1 cup
Lentils1/4 cup
Mushrooms (boiled)2 cups
Onions, chopped (boiled)1/2 cup
Okra, sliced1 cup
Sauerkraut1 cup
Spaghetti squash1 cup
Spinach3 1/2 cups
Swiss chard2 1/2 cups
Turnip, mashed1 1/2 cups
Turnip greens4 cups
Yellow squash2 cups
Zucchini2 cups
Raw Vegetables
Alfalfa sprouts10 cups
Bean sprouts3 cups
Bamboo shoots4 cups
Cabbage, shredded4 cups
Cauliflower pieces4 cups
Celery, sliced2 cups
Cucumber, sliced4 cups
Endive, chopped10 cups
Escarole, chopped10 cups
Green or red peppers2
Green or red peppers, chopped2 cups
Lettuce, iceberg2 heads
Lettuce, romaine, chopped10 cups
Mushrooms, chopped4 cups
Onion, chopped1 cup
Radishes, sliced4 cups
Salsa, tomato sauce (check label)1/2 cup
Snow peas1 1/2 cups
Spinach20 cups
Spinach Salad (3 cups raw spinach, 1/2 raw onion, 1/2 raw cucumber, 1 raw tomato)1
Tomato, chopped1 1/2 cups
Tossed salad (3 cups shredded lettuce, 1/2 raw green pepper, 1/2 raw cucumber, 1 raw tomato)1
Water chestnuts1/3 cup
Applesauce1/3 cup
Blackberries3/4 cup
Blueberries1/2 cup
Boysenberries1/2 cup
Fruit cocktail (light)1/3 cup
Grapes1/2 cup
Orange, Mandarin, canned in water1/3 cup
Peaches, canned in water1/2 cup
Raspberries1 cup
Strawberries1 cup
Barley (dry)1/2 tbs.
Oatmeal (slow-cooking) (cooked)**1/3 cup
Oatmeal (slow-cooking) (DRY)**1/2 oz.
**Contains GLA