Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments:

One in four Americans will have at least one concussion in their lifetime.  The best way to protect against the neuroinflammation that will result is to have adequate levels of EPA and DHA in the blood to make resolvins that dramatically reduce the inflammatory response caused by a concussion as well as speed up the recovery process.

Football is not the only sport we should be worried about

When we talk about brain injuries in sports, we talk a lot about football, with good reason: It’s the most popular sport in the country and many of us spend long hours on beautiful fall weekends watching it. But the average adult doesn’t play football, especially not the kind that involves helmet-to-helmet collisions.


Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments:

I feel one of the best ways to be pro-football is to protect the brain from contact-induced neuroinflammation by taking adequate levels of EPA and DHA in order to have the anti-inflammatory reserves to reduce brain damage.  Not having kids use helmets and pads by playing flag football until they are in high school is another excellent idea.

Concussion suffering ex-player says NFL should be ‘pro-brain and pro-game’

Cindy Ord | SiriusXM | Getty Images Football is back, and so are concerns about player concussions. With that said, it’s rare to hear from a player living with the impact on their mental health after leaving the game. Former NFL tight end Ben Utecht won a Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts in 2007.


Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments:

Here is the easiest way to reduce lawsuits and extraordinarily high future insurance premiums; go back to having kids play flag football.

Pop Warner Is Facing a Class-Action Lawsuit Over Concussions

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Pop Warner, the nation’s largest youth football league, claiming that the organization knowingly put players in danger by ignoring the risks of head trauma. The suit is the biggest sign yet that youth football programs are the next front in the legal battle over concussions.