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Here is a way to get the maximum polyphenol absorption of almonds.  Simply eat them plain.

Food affects almond skin polyphenol release: Study

Milk may significantly lower the release of polyphenols from almond skins during digestion, while consuming almond skins with food also has a significant effect on their release, according to a study. Researchers from Italy and the UK analysed the behaviour of both natural (NS) and blanched (BS) almond skins in various ‘food matrices’ – including crisp bread, homemade biscuits, full-fat milk and water – during simulated digestion.

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Too bad they didn’t read The Mediterranean Zone to explain the biochemistry of the Mediterranean diet and how by applying Zone dietary principles you can achieve even greater health benefits.  At least, they used the word “polyphenols” in the article, but without explaining that they work primarily as gene activators of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging genes.  Maybe next time they will mention “inflammation”.  One can only dream.


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I am wondering why people are shocked about this.  It is the standard practice of drug companies to give far greater sums of money to promote their newest products under the guise of breaking research.  It is just that the Sugar Association did a much better job of covering their tracks for 50 years.


Sugar Industry Quashed Link Between Sugar And Heart Disease Over 50 Years Ago, Says Report

In the 1960’s, the sugar industry paid for and influenced research that shifted blame for heart disease away from sugar and onto dietary cholesterol and saturated fat, says a new paper in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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I agree that a vegan diet is difficult to follow to get necessary nutrients such as Vitamin B12 and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA thus requiring constant supplementation.  It can be done as I wrote an entire book (The Soy Zone) on the subject.  I feel it is far easier to follow a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet to get more consistent results.

Can A Vegan Diet Give You All You Need? German Nutritionists Say ‘Nein’

Enlarge this image For some, there’s a a glam factor attached to the vegan lifestyle. And these days, there seems to be a growing chorus singing the praises of the environmental and health benefits of a plant-centric diet.

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Although the data is only suggestive, the best way to reduce the likelihood of future ADHD in the child is to make sure that the mother is getting adequate levels of EPA and DHA in her diet.  I usually recommend about 2.5 grams of EPA and DHA per day.


Acetaminophen during pregnancy linked to ADHD

Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol, relieves pain and fever and is the active ingredient in Tylenol and hundreds of over-the-counter and prescription medicines, says the Food and Drug Administration website. More than half of all pregnant women in the United States and Europe use acetaminophen, which is also found in medicines for allergies, colds, flu and sleeplessness, according to the authors of the study published in JAMA Pediatrics.



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Anytime a government gets involved in dietary recommendations, follow the money trial.


Creamed, Canned And Frozen: How The Great Depression Revamped U.S. Diets

A Culinary History of the Great Depression Hardcover, 314 pages | Do people think about food more in times of scarcity than in times of plenty? Married culinary historians Jane Ziegelman and Andy Coe think so. Ziegelman and Coe are the authors of A Square Meal, which examines the impact of the country’s decade-long Great Depression on American diets.


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I totally agree with 2 of the 13 nutrients; fish oil and polyphenols, but only if used in therapeutic amounts. As for the others, they can’t hurt, but probably will not help much.


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Reducing prenatal depression as well as increasing the brain development for the fetus are two good reasons to take adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy.  My recommendation for an adequate level is 2.5 grams of EPA and DHA per day.


Yes, prenatal depression is a thing

For three out of her four pregnancies, Rebecca Hartley-Woods struggled with dark, anxiety-filled thoughts. “I thought I was crazy, hormonal, and that if I gave voice to what I was feeling, someone would say, ‘You’re supposed to be happy, aren’t you excited?’ ” says Hartley-Woods, a doula in the Tampa Bay, Fla., area.


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If you want a good cooking oil, then use high-oleic sunflower or safflower oils. These are genetically modified to have high levels of monounsaturated fat, low omega-6 and saturated fats, and a high smoke point.  Regular safflower and sunflower oils are the richest sources of omega-6 fatty acids and should be avoided.