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The active ingredient in marijuana is THC that binds to endocannabinoid receptors in the brain to stimulate hunger.  That’s why most people who use marijuana experience “the munchies”.  One the most successful weight loss drugs was one that inhibited the binding of endocannabinoids to its receptors.  Unfortunately, it also caused suicidal thoughts.  Although a telephone survey states that current users have a lower BMI, science indicates with continued use of marijuana that their BMI levels should significantly increase.

Can Marijuana Really Reduce Pot Bellies And Obesity?

“Dude, where’s my fat?” Attention daily marijuana users, according to a recently published study, you may be more likely to have a lower body mass index (BMI) or less likely to be obese or overweight than non-users. Got that? Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me?

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The different methods of birth delivery initially establish the gut microbiome.  At this age, the gut microbiome is established for life, setting the stage for future metabolic endotoxemia caused by a leaky gut if you have the wrong microbiome. One of the consequences of metabolic endotoxemia is increased obesity.

Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments:

I am always suspicious of telephone polls to calculate BMI. Nonetheless, it is more likely that we have reached a plateau in obesity and now the inflammation in adipose tissue that caused the obesity is spreading to other tissues just like a cancer as I discussed in my 2008 book, Toxic Fat.  This would explain why diabetes continues to increase.

Obesity Rates Are Actually Down in 4 States

There’s finally some good news about obesity in America: Several states have experienced a drop in obesity rates-the first time that any state has seen a decrease in the past decade. For the majority of states, obesity rates for U.S.



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I agree with Sam Klein’s assessment of the research.  As long as you don’t have insulin resistance, it means you don’t have systematic inflammation. As I pointed out in my book Toxic Fat published in 2008, another definition of metabolically healthy obese individuals is that they have healthy fat cells.  It is only when your fat cells become sick or start to die, that systematic insulin resistance begins to develop and spread from the fat cells to other organs.  This is called lipotoxicity.

New Study Pokes Hole In The Idea Of ‘Healthy Obesity’

The most current conventional wisdom among doctors and obesity researchers goes something like this: While people who are obese are at high risk for metabolic syndrome ― a constellation of symptoms that increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more ― there is also a significant group of obese people who are totally healthy and will remain healthy.



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Such a strategy will not cut down on a hedonistic response.  Frankly, water is boring and adding sugar to it increases the dopamine response from drinking the sugary beverage.  Remember that Coca-Cola was originally a combination of sugar and cocaine (that also activates dopamine in the brain).  Dopamine in the brain is a powerful hormone to try to ignore.

Healthy Diet: Trading A Sugary Beverage For Water Can Cut Down Obesity

Swapping a sugary beverage for water can reduce daily calorie intake and the prevalence of obesity in those who drink sugary beverages, according to the results of a new study. The study involved modeling an exchange from consuming an 8-ounce serving of a sugary beverage to consuming an 8-ounce serving of water.

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It is not the sugar, but the glycemic load that is important in reducing obesity.  The rate of entry of glucose into blood is faster from a piece of bread and common starches than table sugar .  To be consistent, I would tax sugar, bread, and starches.  More money for the UK to pay for Brexit.


Britain launches soft drinks sugar tax to fight obesity

LONDON Britain on Thursday said it would tax companies which sell sugary soft drinks and invest that money in health programs for school children, part of a long-awaited strategy to curb childhood obesity that critics say is too weak.



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This is probably true if the person has significant insulin resistance.  However, about 15% of obese patients don’t have insulin resistance, so I suspect their brains would be normal.





Being overweight or obese may be bad for the brain

Could too much weight be bad for the brain as well as the belly? New research suggests that being overweight or obese may trigger premature aging of the middle-aged brain. The study centered on how carrying excess weight might affect the brain’s white matter, which facilitates communication between different brain regions.

Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments:

As I pointed out in my book Toxic Fat, published in 2008, obesity is far more complicated than we are led to believe.  Obesity is not necessarily the problem, but the lipotoxicity it can cause will compromise the function of other organs. This current article revisits some of my observations made in Toxic Fat. The best way to reduce lipotoxicity is the reduction of insulin resistance, which starts with following an anti-inflammatory diet.


Skinny and 119 Pounds, but With the Health Hallmarks of Obesity

After coming to the United States as a college student, she saw a doctor for some bumps on her arms and was stunned to learn that they were cholesterol crystallizing from her blood. Her cholesterol level was sky high.


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That statement may be true worldwide, but not in the United States as similar epidemiological studies have shown that overweight Americans live longer than normal weight (BMI 18.5 to 25), and even in Class 1 obesity (BMI 30-35), the death rates are similar to normal weight individuals.  Mortality depends more on your levels of inflammation than your weight.


Obesity could take this many years off your life

Being too heavy may cost you your life — literally. Scientists say overweight people die one year earlier than expected and that moderately obese people die up to three years prematurely.



Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments:

Obesity is an inflammatory condition, and high blood sugar levels are cause by insulin resistance which is also a consequence of inflammation.  The reason that high cholesterol and blood pressure levels are slightly decreasing (from 70% to 62%) in the obese are the increasing use of medications.   This is good for drug companies, but not so good for the patient.  However, the drugs to treat high blood sugar have a lot of complications that limits their use.  It should be pointed out that 15% of the obese subjects were metabolically normal.  These are the people who fall into the category of “metabolically healthy obese”.


Health problems have worsened for obese in U.S.

(Reuters Health) – Obese adults in the U.S. have worse heart health and a higher risk of type 2 diabetes today than in the late 1980s, a new study suggests.