Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

This is why  omega-3 fatty acids are called “brain food”.  More than 20% of the dry mass of the brain is composed of omega-3 fatty acids that highly concentrated in the synaptic regions of the nerves.  Without adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet, nerve transmission is highly compromised.

Eating Fish Preserves Your Memory, Says Study

Worried that your memory is deserting you? Some scientists think the solution is sitting on ice at the grocery store. A new study published in the journal Neurology suggests that just one serving of seafood a week could help prevent age-related memory loss, due to its high omega-3 fatty acid content.


Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

It is the hyperinsulinema caused by insulin resistance in the mother that’s sets epigenetic marks on the fetal DNA. This process is explained in far greater detail in the textbook that I co-edited entitled Metabolic Syndrome and Complications of Pregnancy.

Your Obesity May Have Been Determined Before You Were Born

(Reuters Health) – Women who gain excessive weight or develop diabetes during pregnancy are more likely to have obese children even when the babies start out at a normal size, a U.S. study suggests. Previous research has linked greater pregnancy weight gain and blood sugar spikes – a hallmark of diabetes – to higher odds of having an overweight newborn.


Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

Omega-3 fatty acids rich in EPA have been shown to have strong clinical benefits in treating mono- and bipolar depression as well as other neurological conditions such as anxiety and ADHD. But this is only true if you are giving therapeutic doses. A therapeutic dose is one that reduces the AA/EPA ratio in the blood to less than 3. Since the average American has an AA/EPA ratio of approximately 20, this will probably require a minimum of 5 to 7.5 grams of EPA and DHA on a daily basis to have consistent benefits.

Can Supplements Help Fight Depression?

If you take medication for depression but still struggle a bit, adding a daily dose of fish oil or vitamin D just might lift you out of your rut. According to a new meta-analysis from the University of Melbourne in Australia, certain dietary supplements may increase the effectiveness of antidepressants such as Zoloft, Paxil, Pristiq, and Cymbalta.

Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

Silent heart attacks are a consequence of increased cellular inflammation in the arterial cells. The best way to reduce that cellular inflammation is by using high-dose omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the AA/EPA ratio in the blood. The average AA/EPA ratio of Americans is seven times that of the Japanese, and not surprisingly the levels of heart attacks in Japanese is seven times lower although the LDL cholesterol levels in both populations are essentially the same.

Half of People Who Have Heart Attacks Don’t Even Know It

When Julie Llamas Rickman went to the emergency room five years ago, she thought her asthma was acting up. She felt short of breath and tired. But it turned out she’d had a heart attack. Rickman was only 41 and didn’t think she was at particular risk until a doctor told her.


Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

The role of polyphenols in reducing inflammation was the central theme of my most recent book, The Mediterranean Zone. But you have to take a therapeutic dose of polyphenols and they also have to be bioavailable to have benefits. This is why refined polyphenol extracts are ideal dietary supplements. Of all the polyphenols, the most bioavailable because of its water-solubility are the refined polyphenol extracts from the maqui berry.

Put An End To Chronic Inflammation With These Foods

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to an injury or infection. Unfortunately, too much of an inflammatory response, also known as chronic inflammation, can damage our health and result in life-threatening conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and different types of cancer by attacking our body’s greatest defense: white blood cells.


Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

Physical activity has anti-inflammatory benefits. These benefits for treating concussion can be dramatically enhanced if one is taking adequate levels of omega-3 fatty acids to further reduce inflammation and simultaneously increase resolution. I would usually recommend at least 7.5 grams of EPA and DHA per day until symptoms of the concussions are completely eliminated.


Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

This new research puts inflammation back as the leading contributor to Alzheimer’s.  In particular, there is indication that one cause is a leaky blood-brain-barrier (BBB), not dissimilar to a leaky gut.  The likely suspect is the increased production of leukotrienes that can cause the expansion of both the gut barrier and the BBB.  The best way to reduce leukotrienes is to increase omega-3 fatty acid intake while simultaneously reducing omega-6 fatty acid consumption. This is also in line with research that demonstrates the resolution response in the Alzheimer’s brains is attenuated.  A significant increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids will increase the resolution response in the brain.

Harvard researchers unveil new Alzheimer’s theory

Researchers at Harvard this week offered a new theory of Alzheimer’s Disease that – if true – would upend our understanding of the disease and suggest new routes for treatment and prevention. The researchers think that the immune system may play a key role in the development of Alzheimer’s, which slowly robs people of their memory and is eventually fatal.

Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

The underlying cause of a silent heart attack is silent inflammation causing the rupture of soft vulnerable plaques leading to increased fibrosis of the heart muscle because of lack of resolution of the localized inflammation.  The best marker that you are likely to have a silent heart attack is an increased AA/EPA ratio.  The easiest way to the lower the AA/EPA ratio is high-dose fish oil.

The Heart Attack You Never Knew You Had

The image of a man clutching his chest before hitting the ground in pain is quite possibly the quintessential image of someone having a heart attack. However, that’s more of a theatrical version of a heart attack than a realistic one.


Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

The reason obesity continues to increase is because we are more hungry.  The primary cause is increased hypothalamic inflammation that disrupts the hormonal signaling that cause satiety.  Much to the dismay of high-fat diet supporters, it is the saturated fatty acid, palmitic acid, that is the most active agent in the cause of hypothalamic inflammation.  More disturbing is that the rate of diabetes is showing no slowdown.  More ominously, as diabetes increases, you are also seeing a rapid increase in Alzheimer’s.  They are all linked by increased inflammation.

Yes, America’s Obesity Rates Are Still (Slowly) Rising

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File) If recent headlines are to be believed, we are rapidly approaching the future depicted in Wall-E, with a morbidly obese population that can get from place to place only with the help of a hover-scooter. “Americans are fatter than ever, CDC finds,” trumpets CNN. “This Many Americans […]

Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments: - September 29, 2016

It remains a sad commentary that the only long-term treatment for diabetes and obesity is gastric bypass surgery.  This marks the first time in the history of medicine that cutting out normal tissue is the “state of the art” treatment.  What is needed for treating both conditions is a reduction of inflammation that in turns reduces the hormone insulin and helps restore satiety.  That seems to be a far better approach than cutting out normal tissue that can’t be regenerated.  

Call for obesity surgery to be used as diabetes treatment

New guidelines say weight-loss surgery should become a more routine treatment option for diabetes, even for some patients who are mildly obese. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are a deadly pair, and numerous studies show stomach-shrinking operations can dramatically improve diabetes.