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Ask Well: Wild Fish vs. Farmed Fish

A Experts have raised concerns about farm raised fish, which in some cases are raised on unnatural diets and crammed into small enclosures that can breed disease, prompting aquaculture operators to rely heavily on antibiotics. But farming practices are improving, and consumers have a number of healthy and eco-friendly farmed options, said Tim Fitzgerald, a scientist and sustainable seafood expert at the Environmental Defense Fund.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

Farmed fish are usually higher in PCBs and omega-6 fatty acids than wild fish.  This is because farmed fish are fed crude fish oil (rich in PCBs) needed to grow and vegetable oils (rich in omega-6 fatty acids) to reduce their cost.  Unfortunately, it also reduces the health benefits of the farmed fish versus the wild fish.

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