Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments:

It has long been known that high-dose omega-3 fatty acids are very effective in treating depression.  Unlike traditional anti-inflammatory drugs, omega-3 fatty acids can easily pass through the brain-blood-barrier to reduce neuroinflammation.  The secret is having a high enough concentration in the blood.  That is usually achieved if you can maintain an AA/EPA ratio between 1.5 and 3, as do the Japanese who also have the lowest rates of depression in the world.

New research suggests depression is an “inflammation disease,” and can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs

There is growing evidence that inflammation-already known to be a cause of many whole-body diseases-is also involved in diseases of the brain, including psychiatric conditions like depression. Depression is a common and crippling disease affecting over 350 million people worldwide. Around 20 percent of the U.K.