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Can Brain Damage Be Found In Retired Football Players?

Despite years of research, much of it at BU, CTE can be diagnosed only after death, through microscopic exams of brain tissue. "I now feel like we are in the toddler phase of CTE" research, Robert Stern, a brain specialist at BU and a lead investigator of the study, told the gathering.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

There is very good evidence that CTE has a strong neuroinflammatory component.  Rather than banning all contact sports, maybe one should make as a requirement that every athlete has to take high-dose fish oil to play the sport.  I demonstrated back in 2011 that induced-brain damage could be decreased by 98% using high-dose fish oil after a concussion injury.  It only makes sense that high-dose fish oil would also reduce the neuroinflammation caused by a concussion.


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