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Certain Fatty Acids Increased Risk for Type 2 Diabetes in Women

(HealthDay News) - Apology laws, which prohibit certain statements or expressions of sympathy by a physician from being admissible in a lawsuit, are unnecessary if physicians understand the importance of saying sorry and offering accountability after an error, according to an article published in Medical Economics.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

The only fatty acids associated with increased risk were DPA and AA.  DPA is a minor omega-3 fatty acid and AA is found in red meal and other animal sources of protein.  Bottom line is eat low-fat protein and supplement the diet with fish oil that is rich in EPA and DHA and low in DPA, which is virtually all fish oil products except for menhaden that is rich in DPA.  Menhaden is primarily used as fish meal to feed beef.

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