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How Diabetes Got To Be The No. 1 Killer In Mexico

Mario Alberto Maciel Tinajero looks like a fairly healthy 68-year-old. He has a few extra pounds on his chest but he's relatively fit. Yet he's suffered for the last 20 years from what he calls a "terrible" condition: diabetes. "I've never gotten used to this disease," he says.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears
It should be noted that Chile has an equal obesity problem as Mexico but they consume far less soda.  Their problem is an exceptionally  high consumption of bread. Both the sugar in soda and the starch in the bread enter the blood quickly as glucose. If you are trying to ban sugar-laden soda then you also have to do the same for bread. However, it is not glucose that is the problem, but the addition of fat that inflames the hypothalamus so that satiety signals are attenuated making you eat more. Diabetes is an inflammatory condition so it is really the omega-6 fatty acids that do most the damage to the pancreas.


  1. julioa robat

    Diabetes has become a public health crisis in Mexico. The government is not struggling to pay for care of people govt should banned on high metabolic rate foods introduce fitness activity for getting rid of this illnes


      The problem in Mexico is much worse than the U.S., but the problem is not as simple as lack of physical fitness, excess sugar, etc. It is excess diet-induced inflammation caused by widespread changes due to globalization of food coming from the U.S. The first item would be to ban all U.S. food imports into Mexico starting with vegetable oils.


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