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How Our Health-Care System Is Feeding the Obesity Epidemic

Obesity in America is a staggering public health crisis, ravaging our population, hampering the quality of life for millions and wreaking fiscal havoc along the way. We can rightly place some blame on obvious culprits we encounter every day: super-sized drinks, processed foods and obscene portion sizes.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

Nowhere in the article says that Americans are consuming more calories.  There are two suspects never discussed.  The first is the palatability of processed food that causes the hedonic reward system to override the enegy-balance system in the brain.  The second is increased inflammation that disrupts signaling in energy balance system from hormonal signals coming from the blood and the gut.  Until you even begin to discuss such other suspects, the obesity crisis and the its fellow epidemic of diabetes will continue to increase.

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