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This is the Healthiest Coffee Order, According to an Expert 

You rely on coffee to power you through everything from late-night study sessions and hungover mornings to workouts. But when it comes to hacking your cup of joe to make it as beneficial as possible, ordering can get pretty complicated. Should you add almond milk? Butter and MCT oil?

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears
All very good points, until he got to point about adding fat to the coffee.  Saturated fats are pro-inflammatory compounds and will antagonize the benefits of the polyphenols.


  1. Laura

    I’m new to the Mediterranean Zone. Is it permissible to switch from regular half and half to fat-free half and half as long as I do it in moderation? I realize the fat-free version has a small amount of sugar. However, I drink only two cups of coffee in the morning. Then, I switch to tea (mostly green tea).

  2. TRM

    He actually agrees with Dr Sears on the polyphenol reduction from adding fat “Even so, his best advice is to keep it simple. “Things like cream and milk actually lower the amount of polyphenols,” he says.”. That is similar to the effect of adding milk or cream to green tea.

  3. Carol Eminenet

    the site was impossible to read. too many damn ads covered the content.


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