Dr. Barry Sears Dr. Sears Comments:

One of the major problems with nutrition is the ambiguity of usage of phrases such “low-carb”.  Does it means the percentage of calories in a diet or the absolute levels.  Another problem is the growing number of “experts” who often don’t have any type of command of the literature.  A high-carb diet both in percentage of carbs or absolute number of carbs is always an easy target.  A better question than weight loss is what is the ideal balance of protein to glycemic load to generate the optimal long-term health benefits for a person.  From that perspective the clear winner is the Zone Diet in terms of inflammation control and metabolic advantages.  In addition, studies from Harvard Medical School indicate that the standard “low-carb” diet (i.e. Atkins or ketogenic diets) increases cortisol and decreases thyroid hormone production.  Neither is good for long-term health.  What you need is balance, and that starts with better definitions of diets.