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Why Do Obese Patients Get Worse Care? Many Doctors Don’t See Past the Fat

You must lose weight, a doctor told Sarah Bramblette, advising a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet. But Ms. Bramblette had a basic question: How much do I weigh? The doctor's scale went up to 350 pounds, and she was heavier than that. If she did not know the number, how would she know if the diet was working?

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

As I stated almost a decade ago in my book, Toxic Fat, I consider obesity to be a form of cancer that can metastasize to other organs.  The first line of treatment is to reduce the constant hunger in these patients by reducing the severity of a “Fat Trap” caused by insulin resistance.  The best “drug” for that purpose is the Zone Diet that is based on reduction of inflammation using improved hormonal control.

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