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Obesity Risk Factors Tied To Screen Time For U.S. Teens

High schoolers who consumed a lot of TV and other screen-based devices had greater links to obesity risk factors, according to researchers. Five or more hours of any type of screen time was significantly associated with obesity among both boys and girls, where TV viewing was linked to 78% higher odds for obesity (1.40-2.27), while other device use was also associated with higher odds for obesity (aOR=1.43, 1.21-1.71), reported Erica L.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

It may not be the lack of physical activity that is the consequence of increased screen time, but the dopamine response in the brain caused by a flickering screen with constantly changing images. In the absence of dopamine by screen viewing, dopamine levels will drop, and can be restored by overconsumption of calories, especially those rich in fat and refined carbohydrates.  Physical activity also increases dopamine, but eating excess junk is a lot easier and much more convenient.


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