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Omega-3 Fish Oil Could Help Dry Eye Symptoms

A lot of women are entirely unprepared for the onset of menopause. And many will spend time researching what they can expect. According to WebMD, hot flashes and mood swings are the two most common symptoms that women can expect.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

It does a lot more than that.  At low levels (2-5 grams of EPA and DHA per day), omega-3 fatty acids decrease dry eyes.  At higher levels (7.5-10 grams of EPA and DHA per day), I have published data that it reverses macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness.



  1. Colleen Reichert

    Can you tell me if there has been any follow on testing using Omega 3 in high doses to reverse AMD? Do you still recommend this? Are there any dangers to taking this high dosage?


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