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Pomegranate Supreme Court case: Food industry nutrition claims sound scientific but are magical.

Like many things that are infuriating and depressing, POM Wonderful LLC v. The Coca-Cola Company is also very funny. Currently under consideration by the Supreme Court, the case has a wonderfully absurd feel, starting with the name of the product in question, which itself remains a matter of debate.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

Polyphenols and omega-3 fatty acids can be true super foods if you take a therapeutic dosage of them and don’t have a lot of sugar at the same time. The ironic aspect of POM is it’s primarily sugar as one 8 oz. serving contains 36 grams of total carbohydrates and 31 grams of sugar. Coke Classic almost looks good in comparison with only 26 grams of sugar in 8 oz.n

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