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Statins: Not Just For Heart Disease

In a tiny room in London's New Scotland Yard there's a police unit made up entirely of officers who have an uncanny ability to recognize human faces. These super-recognizers are transforming the justice system by identifying and catching criminals who appear blurry-faced on closed-circuit surveillance cameras. Statin drugs might also have recently recognized superpowers.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

There are a lot better ways to reduce inflammation than to take statins. The data is pretty clear that if you don’t have existing heart disease, then for every 100 patients taking statins, only 1 heart attack will be prevented over a five year period.  This means for 99% of the patients, the statins have no benefit for preventing a heart attack and even worse nor any decrease in all-cause mortality.  However, there is a significant increase in the development of diabetes with taking statins.  Some estimate the number of new diabetes cases will be approximately 9 out of 100 which would explain the lack of effect of statins on all-cause mortality.



    Dear Barry,
    to-day, feb 1 2019 the uk nhs are again pushing statins

    do you have an up-date ?

    any further info?

    p.s. can you help with glaucoma? regards


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