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Stem-cell success poses immunity challenge for diabetes

Suzanne Kreiter/Boston Globe/Getty Each year, surgeon Jose Oberholzer frees a few people with type 1 diabetes from daily insulin injections by giving them a transplant of the insulin-secreting β-cells that the disease attacks. But it is a frustrating process. Harvested from a cadaver's pancreas, the β-cells are in short supply and vary in quality.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

The most toxic chemical to beta cells is an eicosanoid (12-HETE) derived from arachidonic acid.  It seems to make more sense to decrease arachidonic acid levels in the body by an anti-inflammatory diet instead continuing injecting stem cells that require life-long use of anti-rejection drugs and still have a nasty potential to become cancer cells.

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