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Stroke Rounds: Fish Oil Flops Again in Afib Study

High-dose fish oil failed to reduce atrial fibrillation (Afib) recurrence in patients with a history of Afib who were not receiving conventional antiarrhythmic therapy, Canadian researchers said.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

The lack of reduction of oxidative stress by fish oil is odd. This may indicate that additional polyphenols are also required to effectively treat Afib.


  1. Marc Turner

    Dr. Barry Sears: Regards Afib and fish oil reports. Can the missing link be the deficiency or deletion of liver enzyme (kinase) LKB1? These researchers report lab Knockout mice developing spontaneous Atrial fiblulation. Atrial tissue was infiltrated with inflammatory cells. creative protein, interleukin 6 were elevated in serum when LKB1is deleted. Kinase plays crucial role in polarity control, proliferation of reactive oxygen species which is associated with inflammation. REf J AM heart assn Mar 15 2015 / dept of physiology, Keio Univeristy school of medicine 02 october 2018. I repect yor emense contributions in the field of inflamatiom and have a wife suffering from afib which I believe is ROS induced inflammation. Thank you Marc Turner 816 719 5993 KC Mo.


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