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Zone in if you're stressed out

Last Updated Aug 2007

Zone in if you're stressed out By: Dr. Barry Sears Filed: 3/10/97 Tax time is a stressful time. It’s stressful to prepare the forms. It’s even more stressful trying to come up with a way to pay . The end result is stress. But stress is not some isolated event. It brings powerful hormonal consequences. Under conditions of chronic stress (like preparing taxes or meeting any today’s never-ending deadlines) there is an increase in the levels of the hormone cortisol, which in turn increases insulin. And any increase in insulin is going to drive you out of the Zone. Stress in the ‘90s (like taxes) is here to stay. Although you can’t decrease the stress of modern living, you can alter and reduce its hormonal consequences. How? Follow the Zone Diet, which will minimize, if not eliminate, the stress-induced increase in insulin. The end result is you are going to be able to handle the chronic stress induced by today’s living more effectively and with greater ease. And remember that the stresses encountered by your children are no different in intensity than the ones you are challenged with every day. A child’s problems may be small but so is the child. If you want them to also have a more stress-free life, get them into the Zone and keep them there.
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