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Protein requirements

Last Updated Aug 2007

Q: I noticed that you have changed the minimum daily protein requirements. My husband and I have been on the Zone diet for approx. 2 1/2 years and when we figured our blocks according to your first book, I was at 8 protein blocks a day and my husband at 11. When I got the message that this site was opening up I read that you advocate a minimum of 11 protein blocks a day now. Could you please clarify this information because I don't want to start putting on weight as I am still trying to lose.

Priscilla R

A: Dear Priscilla,

I suggest 11 blocks a day as the minimum for an adult just starting out on the Zone Diet. This corresponds to about 1,200 calories per day, which corresponds to the caloric level recommended by the American Diabetes Association. However, if you have no hunger and maintain your physical performance at this block level, you may wish to decrease the number of blocks by one per day and see how you feel for the next two weeks. I would never go below 8 blocks per day. A great number of women do very well at a level below 11 blocks. However, because of the lower carbohydrate intake at 8 blocks per day versus 11 blocks, you might want to think about taking an inexpensive vitamin and mineral capsule as a cheap insurance policy to make sure that your micronutrient load is being maintained at this lower block level. The Zone diet is based on years of research. And more important, continuing research for many more years to come. During our clinical study in San Antonio with Type II diabetics, one factor that came into greater focus is that many of the Type II diabetic women showed more compliance and therefore enhanced clinical results when we increased their minimum daily block amounts from 8 or 9 blocks to 11 blocks per day. That is why I increased the minimum number of blocks per day for adults to 11.
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