Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hitting a plateau

Last Updated Aug 2007

Q: Dear Dr. Sears:

I have been on the Zone diet for about 10 months. At first, I lost weight slowly but steadily, and my body fat dropped from 31 to 25 percent. For the last two months, however, I haven’t lost any more weight. How do I start losing weight/bodyfat again?

A: Dear Ann,

Fat loss is only possible if you decrease insulin levels. What you are experiencing is a hormonal plateau. To get you started again, try to make sure all your carbohydrates are favorable, choosing low-density vegetables and fruits. Then decrease the number of carbohydrate blocks at each meal by one and add three additional fat blocks at the same meal. What this will do is to keep the calories about the same but alter the insulin levels. Fat has no effect on insulin, but carbohydrate is a powerful stimulator. After your hormonal carburetor has been adjusted and you again begin to lose bodyfat, go back to your correct number of protein, carbohydrate, and fat blocks.
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