Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Eat right 4 your type

Last Updated Aug 2007

Q: Dr. Dr. Sears,

I read Mastering the Zone a few months ago and have been noticing many improvements as I follow your suggestions. Recently I read Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. D'Adamo and I was wondering how his research on lectins in food and their effects on people of different blood type fits in with your research. Could this be used to further refine specific protein and carbohydrate food choices? I do seem to recall you mentioning that Type A blood types may have an increased ability to process grains.


A: Dear bperry:

I believe that there is some validity in using your blood group to determine which proteins and carbohydrates should be minimized in your dietary choices. That being said, you still want to balance the remaining protein and carbohydrate food choices according to Zone principles. My own research with Type 2 diabetics of both Type A and Type O blood types show no differences in their physiological response to the same balance of protein and carbohydrate.
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