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Zone helps alleviate Crohn's symptoms

Last Updated Aug 2007

Dear Dr. Sears, I'm writing this testimonial in the hope it may encourage people not only with Crohn's Disease but anybody in general who is not enjoying life as maybe they should be. As I'm about to share with you, the food we consume plays a huge part in our general well-being. In June 1998 I was rushed into hospital with severe stomach pains. The result was I had to have an operation during which I had section of bowel removed. I was informed by the surgeon that I had Crohn's Disease and there was no cure. I was told I had a severe case of the disease the prognosis of which was not good. After the operation I thought I would try to look after myself the best I could and get back to living a normal life and see what happened from there. I wasn't expecting what was to follow. Although my stomach pains weren't there anymore I had a continuing problem with bouts of diarrhea which wouldn't go away. I felt very depressed at this and went on a crusade to try and find a way of managing the diarrhea. I was convinced that diet was the key to managing it. I should add at this point that when you have an operation for Crohn's Disease only the worst of it is taken out. For this reason my diarrhea was continuing. I became desperate to find a solution to managing my Crohn's Disease. I was adamant that I no way was I going back to hospital. After trying different diets I stumbled across an advert about "The Zone Diet" in the "New Zealand Fitness" magazine whilst I was waiting for my aerobics class to start. What made the most sense to me is The Zone Diet is balanced. I had nothing to lose so I thought I would give it a go. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Not only has the Zone Diet been instrumental in getting my Crohn's Disease under control but it has benefited me in other ways as follows: 1 .I've lost 7" around my stomach and 10 kgs in weight. 2. My complexion has improved (no more flaky skin). 3. My sleep pattern has improved. I sleep the whole night through now. 4. I have increased energy and mental focus. I hope this testimonial encourages anybody who reads it.

Best Regards,
Mal Leadbetter
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