Definitions of the Zone Diet

The term “anti-inflammatory diet” is meaningless without definitions. First you have to define the levels of essential nutrients in such a diet. This means the levels of total protein, carbohydrate, and fat (i.e. macronutrients) must remain relatively constant to each other at each meal as well as the course of a day. Second, you have to ensure an anti-inflammatory diet is rich in fermentable fiber and polyphenols for optimal gut health. Third, you have to obtain the maximum nutrients in the least number of calories. Furthermore, the success of an anti-inflammatory diet is measured by your lack of hunger or fatigue between meals. Finally, such as defined anti-inflammatory diet has to be demonstrated in clinical studies that provide significant anti-inflammatory effects.
The Zone Diet is a calorie-restricted diet that is protein-adequate, carbohydrate-moderate, and low in fat that can be followed for a lifetime without hunger or fatigue and has consistently demonstrated its ability to reduce cellular inflammation.