Chapters Index of the Resolution Response

Chapters Index of the Resolution Response

CHAPTER 1: What Is the Zone?         

CHAPTER 2: Why Do You Want to Be in the Zone?   

CHAPTER 3: How Do You Get in the Zone?   

CHAPTER 4: Overview of the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition System: A Defined Dietary Pathway to the Zone     

CHAPTER 5: How Inflammation Keeps You Alive and the Resolution Response Keeps You Well    

CHAPTER 6: Diet-Induced Inflammation       

CHAPTER 7: Markers of the Zone      

CHAPTER 8: Zone Diet: Reducing Diet-Induced Inflammation          

CHAPTER 9: Fermentable Fiber: The Key to Maintaining Gut Health

CHAPTER 10: Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Agents of Resolution    

CHAPTER 11: Polyphenols: Activators of Our Genes, Guardians of Our Gut

CHAPTER 12: Personalizing the Zone Pro-Resolution Nutrition System       

CHAPTER 13: Dietary Facts and Fallacies      

CHAPTER 14: Diet Wars: Comparison of the Zone Diet to Other Diets        

CHAPTER 15: Zone Protein: Making the Zone Diet Even Easier to Follow    

CHAPTER 16: Your First 1,000 Days and Beyond       

CHAPTER 17: Reaching Peak Performance    

CHAPTER 18: Why Do We Get Fat?   

CHAPTER 19: Why Do We Get Sick?  

CHAPTER 20: Why Do We Age?         

CHAPTER 21: The Future of Medicine



  1. Further Support
  2. Glossary of Terms
  3. Inflammation: The Slightly Longer Course
  4. Metabolism of Essential Fatty Acids, Eicosanoids, and Resolvins
  5. Energy-Sensing Gene Transcription Factors
  6. AMP Kinase and Mitochondria
  7. Gut Physiology
  8. References