Inflammation Research Foundation

The Inflammation Research Foundation is a 501c charitable organization founded in 2003 by Dr. Barry Sears to fund clinical trials to demonstrate the potential of the anti-inflammatory Zone Diet and high-dose EPA/DHA concentrates to treat a wide number of chronic disease conditions.

Listed below are some of the recent studies that have been funded by the Inflammation Research Foundation:

  1. Treatment of ADHD. This completed trial (Sorgi et al Nutr J 6:16 [2007]) demonstrated that high-dose fish oil has a significant impact on improving behavior within four weeks.
  2. Reduction of inflammatory parameters in high-risk patients. This completed trial (Johnston et al Am J Clin Nutr 83: 1055 [2006]) demonstrated that the Zone Diet has a significant improvement in reducing cardiovascular parameters compared to the Atkins’ diet.
  3. Treatment of pediatric obesity. This undergoing trial is being conducted at the Las Vegas Heart Center.
  4. Up-regulation anti-metastatic proteins in patients with prostate cancer. This trial at Harvard Medical School is nearing its completion.
  5. Improvement of outcomes in patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for throat cancer. This trial at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School is currently recruiting patients.
  6. Treatment of childhood depression with high-dose fish oil. This trial at the University of Cincinnati Medical School is currently recruiting patients.
  7. Reduction of side effects of statin treatment. This trial at the University of Guelph in Canada is currently recruiting patients.
  8. Reduction of inflammatory parameters associated with breast cancer in high-risk patients. This is a multi-national trial both in the United States and China.

Guiding Principle

As we move forward in the 21st century, we are at the crossroads in terms of how we treat chronic disease, retard the aging process, and reach our full genetic potential. The Inflammation Research Foundation plans to demonstrate the efficacy of using medically validated nutritional interventions that significantly alter a number of chronic disease conditions that are both life-altering and life-threatening. It is our principal objective to provide the on-going research support that argues forcibly for the use of medically validated nutritional interventions that can be immediately and routinely applied for reversing the crippling effects associated with life-threatening chronic diseases.

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