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Let’s Cool It in the Bedroom.

Sleep is essential for good health, as we all know. But a new study hints that there may be an easy but unrealized way to augment its virtues: lower the thermostat. Cooler bedrooms could subtly transform a person's stores of brown fat - what has lately come to be thought of as "good fat" - and consequently alter energy expenditure and metabolic health, even into daylight hours.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

In animal breeding it is known that the closer the temperature is to 72 F, the more the animal eats and more quickly it fattens up. The same is true of humans. One factor in our obesity epidemic is the desire to maintain 72 F year around. If you are cold in the winter, you burn more fat. If you are hot in the summer, you eat less food.

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