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Medical Mysteries of the Heart Opinion

Researchers also need to find out more about just how low blood pressure needs to be to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other ill effects. A clinical study of 9,000 adults with high blood pressure being conducted now might offer some answers when results are in, probably in 2017.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

When I was doing cardiovascular research in the mid-1970s, the best way to induce a new lesion in chimpanzees was to do a balloon angioplasty in a normal artery because the inflammation it induced would quickly create an atherosclerotic lesion.  Somehow it was thought if you put a steel bridge to support the inflamed artery, then you would be OK.  Maybe that’s why about 1/3 of stents fail today because the inflammation is still being induced and eventually overwhelms the steel bridge.


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