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Obesity Can Be Considered A Workplace Disability, Rules Europe’s Top Court

Obesity not a specific disability in EU law * But obesity can be a disability in some cases * Case stemmed from dismissal of obese Danish child-minder (Adds detail, lawyer comments) BRUSSELS, Dec 18 (Reuters) - Europe's top court ruled on Thursday that obese people can be considered as disabled, but stopped short of saying that obesity was a condition that needed specific protection under European anti-discrimination laws.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

This represents a very slippery legal slope. Obesity is not a disease if there is no metabolic dysfunction caused by inflammation. This means the person is obese but does not have insulin resistance.  However, once insulin resistance is manifested, then obesity can be viewed as a form of cancer with the metastatic spread of inflammatory fat to other organs. Then it can be considered a chronic disease.

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