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Psoriasis May Carry Clogged Arteries Risk Similar To That With Diabetes

By Kathryn Doyle(Reuters Health) - People with psoriasis may be at increased risk of calcium buildup in the arteries - an indicator of heart disease risk - comparable to that of people with diabetes, according to a new study.Comparing people in their 50s with psoriasis, diabetes or neither disease, researchers found that moderate to severe calcium buildup, or atherosclerosis, was about five times as common in people with diabetes or psoriasis as it was in the others."We know that psoriasis accelerates vascular disease, but we're not sure how or why," said senior author Dr. Nehal N.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

Since psoriasis is driven by an overproduction of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids (i.e. leukotrienes), the linkage of psoriasis to other inflammatory conditions like heart disease is not unexpected.


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