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A Single Concussion May Have Lasting Impact

A plethora of linked registries in that nation contain information about people's medical and hospital visits, socioeconomic status, education, physical disabilities and other aspects of their lives, says Dr. Seena Fazel, a professor of forensic psychiatry at Oxford and the new study's senior author. The registries also allow researchers to compile information about family members.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

Usually the lasting effects of a concussion injury is due to unresolved neuroinflammation.  As I demonstrated in 2011 in an animal model of single concussion injury, increased neuroinflammation can be measured by an increased AA/EPA ratio in the blood is rapidly reduced by supplementation with high-dose EPA and DHA. The reduction in the AA/EPA ratio was also accompanied by a 98% reduction in nerve damage in the brain.

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