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Skinny and 119 Pounds, But With the Health Hallmarks of Obesity

Dr. Taylor and his colleagues had been studying people with the disorder "as a curiosity," he told Dr. New. He was interested in insulin resistance, the cause of Type 2 diabetes, and had assumed it resulted from obesity. But people with lipodystrophy had the most severe insulin resistance he had ever seen, and they were far from obese.

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Dr. Sears Comments:

Dr. Barry Sears

As I pointed out in my book Toxic Fat, published in 2008, obesity is far more complicated than we are led to believe.  Obesity is not necessarily the problem, but the lipotoxicity it can cause will compromise the function of other organs. This current article revisits some of my observations made in Toxic Fat. The best way to reduce lipotoxicity is the reduction of insulin resistance, which starts with following an anti-inflammatory diet.


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